Fees – per horse/per day:

Short Term Livery (minimum 3 days):

Stable/bedding/hay or lucerne – 30 lev per day

Feed (sugar beet and pony nuts) – 5 lev per day

Holiday Livery (minimum 2 days):

Stable/bedding – 20 lev per day

Hay – 5 lev per day

Feed (sugar beet and pony nuts) – 5 lev per day

Rug Cleaning

Wash only – 20 lev per rug

Reproofing only – 20 lev per rug

Wash and reproofing – 35 lev per rug

Rug cleaning prices do not include return postage/courier costs. For more details, please click here.

Although we don’t offer onsite accommodation, there is no restriction on space for tents, caravans etc. We can also recommend places to stay in the surrounding area.


Equine Spirit cannot be held responsible for any injuries, loss or damage incurred to the person(s) livestock or personal property arising through the use of the facilities. It is the owners responsibility to ensure all horses/ponies are of sound health and that any conditions or behaviour traits are highlighted prior to their stay. Equine Spirit reserves the right to request vet attendance without prior consultation if deemed necessary and all third party costs arising during use of the facilities will be passed on to the owners. For full terms and conditions please click here.